Monday, January 8, 2007

The Legacy of Atheism

All atheist are proud to proclaim they have rejected any concept of god. They are bold and arrogant as they proclaim that today's religions consist of uneducated fools that rely on unscientific faith to fulfill their basic spiritual needs. Most atheists have the proclivity of attack and destroy when it comes to religion. It becomes a major aim of the atheist to downplay the good that religion has brought to the world. They, in particular, stress the historically bad things that have caused much of the world's woes in the past. To some extent religion in the modern world has evolved to something better than religion in the past. Religion today, even with its mistaken concepts and ideas about god, is responsible for many good works and deeds. Churches, synagogues and mosques help produce individuals who are moral, honest and are willing to reach out and help their fellow man. How can this be regarded as a bad thing? It can be shown that simple religious rules like the ten commandments are sensible and sound and work well as a basis for societal laws.

Finally, ideologies that proclaim atheism as an absolute have totally failed when putting atheism into practice. Communism is the most notable example. Under communist regimes in the 20th century, multiple millions of human beings were murdered, imprisoned, starved and deprived of many of the freedoms that are extant in nations where religion is tolerated and practiced. Those that love to loudly tout the glories of atheism are mostly embarrassing. It is easy to see that they fear any concept of god because they are afraid that moral rules and values will be forced on them.

The Prison of False Religion

I have been on a spiritual quest all of my life. It seemed important to have an understanding for the reasons mankind is here and if there was some grand purpose to our existence. Why we are here, is the most fundamental question that has been asked since the dawn of history. Sadly, the answer has remained elusive for all those who have sought it. As a young man, I felt confident that by the time my life was over I would have discovered the answers to these difficult spiritual questions. I now realize, entering the twilight of my life, that I will go to my grave without having the answers I had sought. This may seem sad. Yet, in the realization of this, there is some solace. The quest has brought forth understanding, wisdom, and even new ways to frame the quesions about the meaning of life. Above all, the quest has removed the shackles that imprisoned my reasoning powers. For many years of my life I was imprisoned, held captive, by the dogamatism of false religion. Removing these shackles and walking away from the prison of false religious beliefs has opened up the door to a new, full life, free from the fear and oppression of misleading and unsound doctrines.

If you are willing to open up your mind, you can walk away from the prison that your mistaken religious beliefs have put you in. This may sound heretical or nutty, but God wants you to discover truth by using the wonderful mind he gave you. It is not his purpose to have you be a sheep that is led around by the nose. Nor is God an Adolf Hitler, waiting to put you in hell-fire to suffer for eternity. You can decide to use your brain and intellect to discover who you are and and find a new sense of peace and happiness that is based on freedom and not fear.