Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Charred Flesh (Ouch!) Awaits Hitchens

The following was written in response to a Front Page Magazine interview with Christopher Hitchens regarding his new book, "god Is Not Great. How Religion Poisons Everything". It seems that a large number of readers of the interview took umbrage with Mr. Hitchens and felt strongly that hell-fire was awaiting him for his unbelief. I made the following comment in response:

Religions own worst enemies are it's followers, as demonstrated by the many inane comments herein. For instance, the hell-fire that awaits unbelievers. God has provided that poor Christopher Hitchens will not only go to hell, but he will suffer the most excruciating pain of flames burning his flesh, not for a few minutes, but for all eternity. There could not be a more diabolical, hideous punishment for unbelief. This paints God as more evil and cruel than the worst dictators in world history. It is no wonder so many people accept Jesus, not from a logical approach, but from a desire of not being subjected to the horrible pain God has in store for them. I have often wondered where modern, evangelical religion would be, in the recruitment of followers, if the concept of hell was never mentioned. Not nearly so prolific and profitable, I am sure.